Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning and welcome to this week’s edition of Monday Morning Coffee.  Here you will find a rundown of some of the most important stories in PR, digital media, and more from the previous week to arm you with the intel you’ll need for the week ahead. The Sony Hack There are almost too many […]

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning and welcome to Publitics Morning Coffee for 12/8/14. The Worst Brand Disasters of 2014 It’s time for our yearly dose of schadenfreude.  Now is the time pundits will rehash the year’s worst public relations meltdowns.  Geoffrey James of Inc chronicled eight of “the Worst Brand Disasters,” of 2014.  Aside from the snark that […]


Building an effective narrative is a key to running a successful campaign.  Campaigns need to focus not only on crafting an effective message, but also crafting messages that will resonate across different platforms and channels.  While campaigns can be highly scripted, social media has in many ways shifted the way communications teams need to operate. […]

Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning and welcome to our first edition of Monday Morning Coffee on our newly revamped Perspective.Publitics blog.  Monday Morning Coffee is our weekly briefing on issues in digital media, public relations, advertising, social media, public policy and public affairs. Netflix CEO Says Broadcast TV Will Die Within 16 Years Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, asserted […]

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The last few years at Publitics have been nothing short of exciting.  We have been fortunate to have assembled a great team and are grateful to have been able to have grown with our amazing clients from the political arena to the private sector.  This year has been one of tremendous growth for Publitics and […]